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Big Island Hawaii Hiking Trail Through Lush Foliage

Hawaii's Big Island features an abundance of excellent hiking trails. These trails vary in difficulty and scenery, but they all share a healthy dose of that unique Hawaii wow-factor. Whether your hiking to see imposing volcanoes, lush foliage, or shimmering ocean viewpoints, there's a trail for everyone on the Big Island.

The Big Island's best bike paths

Cycling on the Big Island of Hawaii offers incredible freedom and scenic beauty. Bicycle routes on the Big Island are as ubiquitous as the roads, with a new adventure around every turn. Here are some of the best bicycle paths on the island. 

Hawaii eruption.

Did you know that the next Hawaiian Island is already forming under the Pacific Ocean. Or that glaciers once covered the tops of the Big Island's summits? Here are 5 amazing facts about Hawaii's volcanoes.