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Hawaii eruption.

Did you know that the next Hawaiian Island is already forming under the Pacific Ocean. Or that glaciers once covered the tops of the Big Island's summits? Here are 5 amazing facts about Hawaii's volcanoes. 

2020 Kilauea eruption

After two years of silence, Kilauea volcano began erupting late on the evening of December 20, 2020. A 4.4 earthquake rattled houses across the Puna district and heralded the re-opening of the summit caldera in the middle of the night. How long will the eruption last, and...

Kapoho volcanic eruption.

Come see fire lakes, lava and molten magma on the Big Island of Hawaii, where volcanoes change the landscape each day. From the continuously active Kilauea volcano to the dangerous and dormant Hualalai mountain over Kona.